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Used Truck Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Why buy a used truck?
A. Buying used helps keep your costs down, and thus can jump start your transportation revenue and reduce operational costs. Unless you have guaranteed contracts with your loads, buying a used truck is the best solution. The price tag can be up to a quarter of the price of a new truck, but yet you can still use that truck for up to and over the million miles with a good maintenance plan.

Q2. What about warranties?
A. We know you're investing in an expensive piece of equipment... rest assured, all our pre-owned trucks go through an extensive inspection by fully trained technicians that covers over 120 points. Additionally if you would like an extended warranty these are available, for a fee, in 12, 24, and 36 months.

Q3. What should I look for when buying a used truck?
A. There are four components that dictate pricing for a used truck. 1. Year. 2. Mileage. 3.Engine, transmission and Diff combination. 4. Accessories (Fairings, tanks size, frame add-on, fifth wheels, suspension, etc). This is why depending on these factors, you could get a great deal on a truck if it was an older year, but with low mileage.

Q4. Why is Freightliner so popular, is it because they are cheap?

Not at all. The transportation business is about delivery on time. Freightliner trucks are easier to repair, have the most dealers across the country, and parts are in stock 90% of the time. This combination is what makes it the preferred truck for ALL FLEETS in north America.

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